1. tgoosen:


    SW20 engine bay, 3S-GTE

    Does any one know where to get this strut tower brace? Anyone? I need dis.

    I believe it’s a custom one-off piece. Looks like a chopped up TRD X-brace and a cheap strut tower bar.

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    / / G K E E R 


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    Oooohhh tune em’

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    My hair stylist’s brother just got a Hellcat. I’m totally gonna drive the thing. With the red key. Huehuehue

    lucky bastard

    I know. I live a dope life and do dope things.

    You have a hair stylist. Okay

    I’m sorry. Some people enjoy looking hella good…

    My BARBER gives me a fresh ass cut so idk what u talking bout son

    My STYLIST gives me a fresh as fuck fade, so you ain’t gotta worry about what I’m doin’